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Webinar On Demand

3 Pillars of a Lean and Profitable Supply Chain

Pillar 2: Flow


In order for a supply chain to operate effectively and efficiently, it needs to have 3 key capabilities - Alignment, Flexibility, and Agility.


Join this webinar series and learn to connect the dots across your supply chain to:

  • improve business outcomes
  • respond to the unexpected
  • manage risks and opportunities


In the second part of this 3-part series, supply chain expert, Antony Lovell will explore the importance of flow.


Once supply chain planning is aligned, flow is of critical importance. The definition of flow here is a constant flow of relevant, accurate, and standardized information across the end-to-end network. Once the correct information is circulating through the system, it is possible to have rapid local decision making supported by local business process variations within a global framework.


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