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Webinar On Demand

3 Pillars of a Lean and Profitable Supply Chain

Pillar 1: Alignment


In order for a supply chain to operate effectively and efficiently, it needs to have 3 key capabilities - Alignment, Flexibility, and Agility.


Listen to this webinar series and learn to connect the dots across your supply chain to:

  • improve business outcomes
  • respond to the unexpected
  • manage risks and opportunities


In the first part of this 3-part series, supply chain expert, Antony Lovell will explore the importance of alignment with special co-host Anaplan's Senior Director of Supply Chain Solutions, Mike Detampel.


Alignment ensures standardisation of communication and processes across the entire supply chain, supporting the consistent flow of information and eliminating risk. This calibration allows for top to bottom alignment between strategic planning and supply chain planning, providing the ability to roll-up plans and financials across regions and business groups. It also supports end-to-end alignment from customers to suppliers, enabling scenario planning across the end-to-end supply chain.


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