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Webinar On Demand

3 Pillars of a Lean and Profitable Supply Chain

Pillar 3: Agility


In order for a supply chain to operate effectively and efficiently, it needs to have 3 key capabilities - Alignment, Flexibility, and Agility.


Join this webinar series and learn to connect the dots across your supply chain to:

  • improve business outcomes
  • respond to the unexpected
  • manage risks and opportunities


In the final part of this 3-part series, supply chain expert, Antony Lovell will explore the importance of having agility.


Alignment and flow provide the core competences to operate an efficient supply chain. They are the foundations that enable an organisation to respond to unexpected external events in a timely manner. A combination of alignment, flow and strategic buffers, support an agile supply chain that can make real-time decisions to overcome the unexpected.


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